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Canine psychology

When you want to take a dog, once you bring it home, you must know that your family became its group or its pack. It is extremely important for the puppy to know its hierarchy in the family.

This thing will assure the nervous balance of the dog, the tranquillity of your family and also it will determine the capability of adapting to a disciple program.

Important! A relationship as the type dominant- subordinated is necessary in any kind of training, no matter the used method.

The idea that the puppy must have one master in family is totally wrong and more than that it gives behaviour deviations that are hard to correct in time, like aggressiveness toward members of the family. That is why it is extremely important that all members of the family to get the leader position towards the dog. And these things is possible establishing a number of rules which all members of the family must apply firmly, keeping a pleasant attitude and even love the dog.
Once you succeed in imposing the role of the leader, it has to be maintained permanently.

The dog, in a surprisingly constant way and subtlety, will test you to find a gap in the hierarchy. It will try to "gain field" through love, but if it obtains the wanted position, behaviour problems will appear that will get worst during growing period.
To avoid any appearance of behaviour problems that might show up, I personally recommend you to be aware to the next pieces of advice:

  • when you go out, do not let the puppy choose the direction in which you go;
  • do not let the dog sleep in your bed, on the sofa or in the armchairs;
  • feed it at the established time;
  • petting is a welcome reward and it is better to be conditioned with the procedure of a command;
  • Do not let your dog have access in the place you do not want to (use an interdiction command "no" "don't").

CRISTIAN O. - international trainer in dog training,
specialist in recovering dogs with behaviour
problems and canine education

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